Our Services

Legal Audit

We have some legal auditors registered with the Association of Indonesian Legal Auditors (ASAHI), we are qualified and experienced in conducting legal audit.

Legal Audit is an examination and analysis with regard to legal compliance or legality concerned, wealth or assets, and liabilities or debts, transactions and legal actions, and/or their related activities, as well as various legal issues encountered and their handling or resolution. By doing a legal audit, the risk of material losses and legal problems of a company can be minimized.

Legal Drafting

We have experience in contract drafting/assistance that is fully secure for clients and provides benefits in its implementation. That is because every contract we draw up and contract drafting assistance that we provide always consider all aspects namely regulations, company interests, and any possible risks that may arise in the future.

Legal Opinion

We provide objective legal opinions on an event/legal event that is being encountered, accompanied by suggestions/recommendations for resolution. The legal opinions that we make always outline the legal analysis in its entirety which contains stages of problem solving and considers all aspects of regulations, company interests, and any possible risks that may arise in the future, so that they are truly applicable and secure for companies.

Corporate In House

GRF & Co as a law firm which has specialization in business law comes as partner for businessman in giving permanent law consultant sevices for corporates. As permanent law consultant, Your company does not need to spend huge costs every time you require consulting, negotiation, mediation, and legal opinion services from a law firm.

You do not need to worry about your company’s confidentiality because we have integrity to maintain the company’s legal interests and prioritize all handling of your company’s legal issues by upholding professional ethical values. We will also represent your company in the business problems being encountered (including conducting subpoena, mediation, and negotiation), as well as preparing and managing licensing documents, legal drafting, and other documents both for internal company and external company. We also provide legal audits every year to determine the company’s adherence and compliance with applicable laws.

Alternative Dispute

We always strive for completion outside the court’s lane in order to solve quickly and efficiently. We do not deny that there is currently a tendency to settle disputes in the form of non-court legal methods, namely by alternative dispute resolution. Unlike the litigation process which relies on the position of a judge with formal procedures, alternative dispute resolution requires experienced parties who have flexibility in dealing with the involved parties. GRF’s professionalism can be counted on to represent your company and to provide the best solution in determining the right settlement.

Litigation (Court)

GRF & Co has Advocates who have been registered in the professional advocacy organization, our roles and experience in representing and litigating in trials throughout the judicial environment from the first level, appeal, to cassation are unquestionable.