Our Practices

General Court

Our office is also supported by certified advocates registered as PERADI members who have experience in representing the interests of clients in the trial and outside the trial by upholding the values ​​of professionalism and accountability in carrying out their duties as Attorney-at-law at the District Court, High Court, and Supreme Court level.

Industrial Court

As a law firm that has a concern in the economic sector, labor affairs are one of the crucial aspects as the economy contributor. We have a track record of experience in resolving labor disputes in the Industrial Relations Court. We can represent individuals and companies in employment and facilitate legal advice on complex rules governing employment in Indonesia.

Administrative Court

We have a track record of extensive experience in fighting for the rights of justice seekers against State Administrative Court’s decisions that are detrimental to the community. We have tried both administrative and judicial efforts in the State Administrative Court until the Supreme Court in state administrative disputes throughout Indonesia.

The Indonesian Court for Corruption Crimes

We are also experienced in mentoring both in the process of preliminary investigation, full investigation and prosecution, and the Tipikor court handled by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Constitutional Court

We also provide legal services both for submitting Judicial Review (JR) of laws that are detrimental to constitutional rights and resolving disputes over general election and regional head elections results in the Constitutional Court.

Commercial Court

In the case or affair of bankruptcy, we also have an experienced team assisting clients both as debtor and creditor, also as manager/curator/liquidator in suspension of payment (PKPU) and bankruptcy trial.