Our Expertises

Real Estate & Land

We also offer a variety of services dealing with legal matters regarding housing, apartment development, hotels, malls, and other property buildings. We can handle all permits from development planning, purchase and sale agreements, leasing agreements, both for personal and corporate purposes. We also provide effective and reliable advice on complex rules governing property ownership.


We do not only conduct legal audits in companies, but also have experience in providing legal assistance in the form of consultancy and legal actions in BUMN/BUMD. We can provide effective consideration and advice in the actions of procurement of goods and services, transfer of assets/state assets, legal transactions in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), cooperation agreements, contractual agreements, and authorization. We also provide compliance audits and regulations related to legal actions in BUMN/BUMD.

Energy & Mining

We provide high-quality legal advice and transactional support to domestic and international companies operating in the mining sector in the field of energy and mining. We also provide legal assistance for compliance and all juridical obligations in the field of energy and mining as well as conduct company audits to avoid vulnerable legal risks in this field.

Labor & Employment

Our team has the ability to improve the employment system within a company in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and can draw up contracts that do not harm the company or employees. We offer advice on the employment system implications of mergers, acquisitions and mergers, as well as the rights and benefits available to employees after termination of employment.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is still a sector that is continuously in demand and needed by both national and foreign private companies. However, due to its wide impact both ecologically and economically, the management of this industry is faced with the complexity of legal obligations and responsibilities such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental functions. We are here to assist your company in fulfilling these obligations and accompanying as well as providing solutions to potential risks according to regulations.

Restructuring and Insolvency

The dynamics of global economic conditions as well as national laws and regulations require companies to flexibly carry out corporate restructuring in order to maintain their stability and sustainability. We offer a variety of services in the area of corporate restructuring, capital and asset health, financial sector takeovers, global asset recovery, mergers, establishment of new entities, purchases, preparation of documents and agreements, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. We will also serve your needs if you are in insolvency with all the legal consequences.

Advocacy in order to Protect Subrogation Right

Our team has the expertise to protect insurance and other financial institutions in protecting the rights of subrogation from third parties.

Consultation on Insurance Law

The potential of high risk of loss prompts the interest of many individuals or companies to use insurance as a preventive measure. In order to get the right and effective protection, an analysis of insurance needs for the company’s condition is required. Therefore, we offer a consultancy service to determine your insurance needs as well as a thorough analysis of the real condition of your company through an extensive and in-depth examination.

Foreign Capital Investment

As a country with high market potential, foreign entrepreneurs have a high interest for investment in Indonesia. However, Indonesia’s regulations which tend to be complex due to the large number of legal instruments that must be met have caused foreign investors to reconsider their intentions. But, now you do not need to worry because GRF with its high dedication can be trusted to be your discussion partner and determine strategic decisions as well as help to fulfil these obligations.

Domestic Capital Investment

Both foreign companies and domestic investors have to deal with fulfilling investment obligations. In the course of our company, we have dealt with many crucial problems that are often encountered by domestic investors. Our team has experience and ability to arrange licensing and issues regarding Domestic Investment.

Intellectual Property Rights

We offer convenience for your company to register intellectual property in Intellectual Property Rights in IPR institutions in Indonesia. Our team has experience in searching and registering trademarks, copyrights, patents and designs. You can entrust those to us and you only have to receive the full completion from us. We also provide consultation on the lack of requirements and follow-up after the rejection or approval. Furthermore, we can represent you if you face violation of intellectual property rights.


Indonesia as an archipelagic country has sea potential that is able to attract international attention. We are able to provide excellent service for those who are interested in opening an investment in the maritime sector. We have resolved various cases relating to maritime law as well as taking care of all national, multinational, and international licensing and contracts in the field of maritime law.

Banking & Finance

We provide advice on all types of structured financing transactions, trade financing, project financing, loans and credit, financial project, acquisition finance, asset finance, securitization and structured finance, financial regulation, financial restructuring and insolvency, retail banking, regulatory and compliance issues, banking documentation and legal due diligence reporting. We have extensive experience in helping financial institutions, debtors, developers and sponsors with various financial problems and project financing.


We have the ability to provide contract solutions, e-commerce business licensing, legal advice in e-commerce development based on national and international laws and regulations for those who are already on a global scale.