The application of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) is currently a step of the government to break the spread of the 2019 Corona Disease Virus (Covid-19).

The understanding of the PSBB itself based on Law Number 6 Year 2018 Concerning Health Quarantine (Health Quarantine Law) is as follows:

Large-scale social restrictions are restrictions on certain activities of residents in an area suspected of being infected with a disease or contaminated in such a way as to prevent the possibility of spreading the disease or contamination.[1]

The PSBB is part of the public health emergency response and aims to prevent the widespread spread of public health diseases that are occurring among people in a certain area.

The said PSBB at least includes:[2]

  1. school and workplace entertainment
  2. restrictions on religious activities
  3. restrictions on activities in public places or facilities.


The example of applying PSBB which is still permitted and restricted in the Surabaya area based on Surabaya Mayor Regulation No. 16 of 2020 concerning the Guidelines for Large-Scale Social Restrictions as follows:[3]

  1. Implementation of learning in schools, in the industry in the context of internships, Job Training or other activities or in other educational institutions

Which is restricted:

Learning activities are changed by learning at home / each residence.


School learning or lectures in a virtual way


  1. Activities at work

Which is restricted:

  1. Work activities at work / office are replaced by working at home / residence
  2. Some activities that require work in the workplace / office are required to implement the Covid-19 prevention protocol including using a mask, washing hands with running water, using a hand sanitizer and spraying disinfectant.
  3. With regard to the provision of food and beverage activities in charge of restaurants / restaurants / cafes / stalls, they are obliged to limit services to take-away directly, through online orders, or delivery service facilities.


Work activities in the environment:

  1. All Pusan ​​and regional government offices / agencies
  2. State / local business entities that participate in the handling of Covid-19
  3. Business actors in the health sector, food, energy, communication and information technology, finance, logistics, hospitality, construction, strategic industries, basic services, public and industrial utilities that are designated as national vital objects and certain objects and daily needs
  4. Local and international community organizations engaged in the disaster or social sector
  5. Religious activities in houses of worship

Which is restricted:

Temporary suspension of activities in houses of worship


  1. Religious activities are carried out in their respective homes and religious guides / teachers can carry out virtual religious formation activities
  2. Time markers such as call to prayer, bells, or other time markers carried out as usual


  1. Activities in public places or facilities

Which is restricted:

  1. Require the buyer to use a mask
  2. Apply distance restrictions between consumers (physical distancing) of at least a range of 1 meter
  3. Provide adequate and easily accessible hand washing facilities


Public facilities that can operate are to meet basic needs or daily needs as well as facilities for conducting sports activities independently


  1. Social and cultural activities

Which is restricted:

  1. Temporary suspension of social and cultural activities that cause crowds of people
  2. For activities that are allowed must implement covid-19 prevention protocol including health care, attended by nuclear family only, eliminating celebrations that cause crowds, use masks, wash hands with running water, use hand sanitizers and apply physical distancing with a minimum distance 1 meter


  1. Social activities that can still be carried out are circumcisions, marriages, and funerals that were not caused by Covid-19


  1. Movement of people and goods using modes of transportation.

Which is restricted:

  1. Driving activities are only for meeting basic needs, activities related to defense and security aspects and activities that are permitted during CBSS
  2. Transportation must limit 50% of the transport capacity
  3. Routinely spraying disinfectant in the mode of transportation
  4. Detecting and monitoring the body temperature of officers and passengers entering the mode of transportation
  5. Using a mask, hand sanitizer and applying physical distancing with a minimum distance of 1 meter
  6. Two-wheeled transportation is limited to transporting goods


Drive using private vehicles, people transportation by public motor vehicles and railroad transportation

The application of sanctions in the PSBB include:

  1. Verbal reprimand
  2. Written warning
  3. Government actions aimed at stopping Violations or remedies
  4. Revocation of license in accordance with its authority.

As good citizens, in combating Covid-19 together, it is best to obey the rules set by the government in dealing with Covid-19.

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[1] Article 1 number 11 of Law Number 6 Year 2018 Concerning Health Quarantine

[2] Article 59 of the Health Qulity Act

[3]Surabaya Mayor Regulation No. 16 of 2020 concerning Guidelines for Large-Scale Social Restrictions in Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the City of Surabaya